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Serai [noun] means an Inn for travelling Camel Caravans.

Interior Photos

The Serai Weekender has modern and stylish interior finishing. It comes standard with 2 single beds & customised good quality mattresses, Defy Bar fridge. Dometic roof window, above bed pigeonhole storage, under bed storage, vinyl plank flooring.

  • 2 Pigeon Holes
    2 Pigeon Holes
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  • IMG-20170830-WA0002
  • Int 7
    Int 7
  • Serai caravans Dometic roof window
    Serai caravans Dometic roof window
  • IMG-20170713-WA0003
  • Under bed storage
    Under bed storage

Weekender Splashes - Choose your colour

You can choose the colour of your side splashes - blue, black or green.


The Weekender can be customized to suit your needs. In fact all our caravans are custom built and not one is similar to another.